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Schools in Turkey


If you consider Turkey not only as a country for a wonderful holiday, but for permanent residence as well, then the first element to consider is the children's education. In this case, the location of educational institutions for children will affect the choice of real estate. Recently, Turkey has a large selection of good apartments in resort villages by the sea, but most often there are no schools in resort villages, so these options are hardly suitable for permanent residence with children.

There are these types of schools in Turkey:
#Private secondary schools
#State elementary, in Turkish
#State standard averages, in Turkish
#Scientific, where they study the natural sciences in depth
#Professional, where they receive a specific working specialty
#Anatolian secondary schools taught in English, French and German
#Anatolian religious, where there are lessons of religion.
Children in Turkey are admitted to an educational institution from the age of 5.5.

Required documents for studying in a public school:
1. residence permit for a child (when buying property in Turkey, you and your minor children have the right to obtain a residence permit, on the basis of which the child will be admitted to an educational institution).
2. application to the Director.
3. For children who enter the second grade and above, you must provide proof of the certificate of past education from the previous school. The certificate is certified in Antalya by the Department of Education - Antalya Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı. The document issued by the department is called: “Denklik belgesi“. The procedure is simple and usually fast. For children who enter the first grade, this document doesn't need to be presented.
4. symbolic payment of state fees.

Turkish schools study from the age of 12.
Education takes place in this order - 4 years in elementary school, another 4 years in middle and the next 4 years in lyceum.
In each educational institution in Turkey, the child is given only one educational cycle of 4 years, then the parents themselves have the right to choose in which educational institution their child will study. It is not necessary for the child to spend all his school years in one school, there is a right to choose.
After the first 4 years of education, all children in Turkey take exams. Upon successful completion of elementary school, the child receives a diploma of elementary education. With this diploma, it can safely go to high school, at the end of which exams are also taken, and a diploma of successful eight-year education is obtained.

Already at the end of 12 years of study, an exam is taken to obtain a Diploma, which indicates completed secondary education.
Public education in all schools is free. Children are accepted here regardless of their nationality, Russian and Turkish children can study in the same class.
Before the start of the school year, all foreign children undergo two months of oral and written Turkish language training with teachers of the chosen school. As soon as the knowledge of the language is sufficient for a favorable perception of the lessons, the children can attend the school institution together with Turkish children. Russian children quickly adapt to Turkish speech and language problems almost never arise in communication.

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