• 21.04.2023

How street realtors are born?


When the market is saturated with offers of real estate search support services, it is very difficult to understand who can be trusted to take care of future deal. Who can really determine the set scale, and who simply decided to succumb to "try himself" in a difficult market. Such a "false specialist" can deceive your expectations, losing the most important thing - your time.

Natalya Kivokurtseva is a top sales and business development coach in the Russian Federation and with her 9 characteristics, it is easy to determine who is in front of you:

1. A professional realtor doesn’t work alone.
In order to get a profitable benefit for clients, the realtor enters into relationships with a segment of the market like: tax, banks, notaries, passport offices, bailiffs, lawyers, and more. Usually, in order to have such connections, the realtor must have many years of experience or cooperation at the agency level. As a rule, a realtor working from a real estate agency is a safer option for the owner, because of legal entity that insures its liability to customers.

2. A professional realtor always writes down information.
You won’t see a good realtor without a diary, pen and letterheads. Only "amateurs" explain everything "in fact". The habit of writing everything down assure that it remains important and relies solely on your interests.

3. A professional realtor will only talk about price adjustments based on analysis. But if your realtor used phrases like “we advise” and doesn’t give arguments, rather in front of all non-professionals, the next “freeloader” who came to the earnings market doesn’t think about your interests at all.

4. A professional realtor will always advise the client on how to make the real estate more attractive to a potential buyer in order to avoid unjustified bargaining. A good realtor will always give advice on how to rise the interest in buying your property. Look at the photos your realtor posted on the Internet - are they attractive enough to make you want to see the apartment or at least call? Would you like it if you were the buyer? If not, you have been deprived of professional support and have not been given important advice. Or maybe your realtor has never heard of it himself?

5. A professional realtor is periodically trained. This follows logically from the previous point. See how rapidly the market is changing, how our requirements as buyers for service, product quality, and service are growing. The real estate market is also changing dynamically, which means a good specialist must develop along with it. A true professional explores newest trends even faster in order to implement his working style and give his clients the maximum competitive advantage.

6. The professional has a selling system.
Inside a real estate agency, as a rule, there is already a well-established scheme for promoting real estate. Before launching an advertisement, a professional realtor evaluates all the advantages of your real estate, composes “selling” texts, calculating who might be potentially interested in buying. Make sure that your specialist doesn’t work in the style of "We will advertise, and then we'll see." This is a clear sign of low competence.

7. A professional realtor always conducts live presentation of his client's property.
He knows perfectly well the task of the live presentation. It’s the moment that your realtor "reads the terms" of all interested buyers to help them buy and you to sell the property. Of course, if he is a professional. Lovers call and warn "there or those people will come, show them the apartment." Imagine if cars, gold, expensive equipment were sold to us this way... Today, "sales" in all areas follow a different scenario. Hire professionals!

8. A professional realtor knows how to act in your conditions.
He can always talk about the intermediate results of his work and provide information about the number of property calls, impressions and the content of ongoing negotiations. Most likely, a professional realtor has a reporting system, and you don’t have to call and find out how things are going. Professional sign is he himself informing you about the progress of affairs and make sure to give recommendations and inform about his plans as part of his obligations.

9. A professional realtor works under a contract.
The presence of contracts with a realtor, in principle, indicates a willingness to take on any responsibility. Believe me, it is better to hire specialist who represents your interests and "guards" your future transaction. However, be careful with the contract you’re signing. Read it in the presence of a realtor or agency and ask questions. A good realtor always knows how to explain everything with all the points. But the most important sign of a professional is his effectiveness. As a rule, the effectiveness and guarantees of a future transaction can be “predicted” based on the experience of the agency where the specialist works. Even if your realtor doesn’t have 5-7 years of experience in sales assisting transactions, the company in which he works, with good control of all processes, can guarantee the quality of his services.

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