• 23.03.2023

Transport your pet to Turkey


Moving can be just as stressful for your pet as it is for you. To make the importation of your pet as hassle-free as possible and ensure that you do not forget any of the necessary documents.

Since 2023, the rules for animal importation into Turkey have become stricter and more demanding. Now, for the transportation of pets, it is necessary to have electronic identification in the form of a readable microchip, an international veterinary passport in English and a veterinary certificate in form No. 1.

In addition, it is necessary to comply with the rules of vaccination against rabies, conducting it at least 30 days and not more than a year before entering the country. Deworming and insectoacaricidal treatment 24–48 hours before the trip also became mandatory.

A material with absorbent and moisture-absorbing properties must be placed at the bottom of the cage or container. Open access to oxygen is also provided. These containers are often sold in pet stores, airline companies and airports. The structure of the carrier cant be made of wood. If any of the above characteristics is violated, the pet won't be allowed on board.

Traveling with pets to Turkey will be charged as excess baggage. The amount of payment also depends on which system the airline uses in this case: by weight or by the number of seats.

All these rules and regulations are aimed at protecting animal health and preventing the spread of infections.

As for the actual flight itself, importing animals to Turkey by plane implies the use of animal transportation services from airlines. Some companies allow you to bring a pet into the airline cabin, others dont. Therefore, be sure to clarify the rules for transporting pets with each particular carrier in advance, so as to prepare the process avoiding worryness.

If the airline allows pets to be transported to Turkey in the plane's cabin, you will need to book a seat, as the maximum number of animals allowed will depend on the type of airliner and the layout of the cabin. In addition, the weight of the animal matters: up to 5 or up to 8 kg. All other pets will fly in the baggage compartment in a special room.

If you have a large dog (weighing more than 40 kg), a separate ticket with a separate seat is purchased for it. The tariff will correspond to the selected cabin class of the aircraft. To fully arrange such a transfer, you should arrive at the airport in earlier.

There are special rules for transporting guide dogs, accompanied by blind and deaf people. In this case, the airline staff will decide in which part of the cabin to place the dog during boarding. At the same time, the pet must wear a muzzle and it should be kept close to the owner. According to the rules, assistance dogs are transported absolutely free of charge. However, the carrier's staff will need to see documents confirming the passenger's hearing or vision inability.

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