• 03.03.2023

Maximum benefit of buying real estate


When it comes to getting the most out of buying real estate, the excavation stage can be a great solution. Choosing an apartment in the complexes in the early stages, you invest in its construction.

There are many advantages to this stage. Let's sort them by importance:

Buying an apartment at the construction stage, you save a fairly large amount of its final cost. On average, at the stage of excavation, the price is 40% more profitable.

Large selection
Many different layouts are used in the complexes. The excavation stage is a great opportunity to “grab” the most successful layout, the best view from the window and the desired floor.

High speed of construction and commissioning of the facility.
The construction company invests exclusively its own funds in the construction of the residential complex, so they are interested in completing the construction as soon as possible. On average, the construction of a multistorey residential complex from the design stage to completion is only 1-2 years.

Convenient payment system.
When investing at the excavation stage, the company provides interest-free installments until the end of construction.

Our firm will offer you the best real estate options. Having made the decision to buy a home in Alanya, you’ll get a double benefit. Firstly, the opportunity to relax in your own apartment at any time you want, or even move to Turkey for permanent residence and surround your daily life with authentic comfort. Secondly, you will receive a good, stable income from renting out your apartment.

We provide the selection of suitable options, provide full support for the transaction and guarantee compliance with all requirements.

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